Under the Blankets - Printmakers Together

Games by Kathy McGhee
Friday, May 4, 2018 to Sunday, July 8, 2018

Under the Blankets - Printmakers Together presented by the Pittsburgh Print Group

Please join us for a lecture and guided gallery talk by Imin Yeh, Exhibition Project Advisor, that will be presented during the opening, at 7pm on Friday, May 4.  Exhibiting artists as well as the public will have an opportunity to view the exhibit and to interact with some of the finest printmakers in the region.

About Under the Blankets - Printmakers Together

Under the Blankets - Printmakers Together is an exhibition of recent work by 29 Pittsburgh Print Group members and 29 invited printmakers from the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Participating PPG members chose a printmaker from an extensive list of accomplished artists to exhibit alongside the group,

providing an opportunity for members to connect with exceptional printmakers in neighboring rust belt states.  This exhibit will forge a creative dialogue that expands artistic vision and strengthens the ties that bring printmakers, the broader artist community, and the public together.

Under the Blankets – Printmakers Together showcases a broad spectrum of printmaking techniques and approaches that include traditional silkscreen. intaglio, lithography, relief, letterpress, monoprint and monotype,  as well as installation, artist books, zines, and experimental prints that combine video, animation and sound.
Many of the prints in the exhibition focus on contemporary issues and global concerns, while other works explore personal and spiritual themes.  

About the Pittsburgh Print Group

The Pittsburgh Print Group (PPG) is a non-profit organization of artists who work in various approaches to fine art printmaking. Founded in 1972, PPG is dedicated to artistic excellence and the perpetuation of printmaking as an art form by providing its members with exhibition opportunities throughout the southwestern Pennsylvania region.

Under the Blankets – Printmakers Together is made possible through funding from:


Print Group Members
Stephanie Alaniz
Crystala Armagost
Jo-Anne Bates
Christie Strub Biber
Michelle Browne
Haylee Ebersole
Nancy Flury Carlson
Petra Fallaux
Abigail Franzen-Sheehan
Keith Garubba
Leslie Golomb
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred
Paula Garrick Klein
Laura Krasnow
Crystal Latimer
Christina Lee
Ignacio Lopez
Joseph Lupo
Maria Mangano
Jennifer Rockage McGhee
Maritza Mosquera
Thomas J. Norulak
Mick Opalko
Richard Palmer
Rachel Saul Rearick
Aaron Regal
Marc Snyder
Tresa Varner
Sharon Wilson-Wilcox
Invited Artists – Pennsylvania
Francine K. Affourtit
Amze Emmons
Leslie Friedman
Ciara Gray
Kellie Hames
Richard Hricko
Katie Kaplan
Valerie Leuth
Alex Lukas
William Mathie
Alexis Hugo Nutini
Hester Stinnett
Shelley Thorstensen
Mary Tremonte
Alisha Wormsley

Invited Artists – West Virginia
Zach Fitchner
Jake Guzan
Robert Howsare
Sarah McDermott

Invited Artists – Ohio
Amy Casey
Amanda Curreri
Arron Foster
Kathy McGhee
Taryn McMahon
Ellen Price
Arturo Rodriguez
Emily Sullivan Smith
Sergio Soave
Anna Tararova