Rusty Thelin

Rusty Thelin


Rusty is a playwright, director, and producer.  As a storyteller, he is attracted to the decidedly weird side of life, seeking to use poetic language and imagery as metaphor for the human experience. 

His recent work as a producer of quirky and adventurous indie rock musicals has graced the stages of well-known venues from Seattle to New York to Boston.

He constantly strives to re-imagine the possibilities of live theatre, through unusual and inventive staging, and by thinking outside the box.  Way outside.


Contact Information:

Email: rusty (dot) thelin (at) gmail (dot) com

Work Samples:

FUTURITY: a musical by The Lisps

Duration:  2:58  Date of completion of work:  April 2012

Where the piece was performed:  Footage primarily of Joe’s Pub performances, NYC, 2010; also performed at HERE space NYC 2010, The Rudyard Kipling Louisville KY 2010, The American Repertory Theater Cambridge Mass 2012, Walker Art Center Minneapolis Minn 2012

Number of performers:  2 plus ensemble

Production credits:  Cesar Alvarez (writer/lead singer), Sammy Tunis (lead singer), Eric Farber (performer), Lorenzo Wolf (performer), Molly Rice (writer), Sarah Benson (director), Christopher Maring (producer), Rusty Thelin (producer)

Sometimes In Prague

Duration:  10:26  Date of completion of work:  August 2011

Where the piece was performed: footage from The Tank NYC 2010; also performed at 3LD NYC as part of New Ohio Theatre’s Ice Factory 2011

Number of performers: 4 plus band

Production credits:  Scott Thomas (performer), Molly McAdoo (performer), Judd Hardy (performer), Kate Ferber (performer), Abby Lyn-Mulay (performer), Stephanie Johnstone (composer), Joshua William Gelb (writer/director), Rusty Thelin (producer), Magic Futurebox (producer)