Four easy ways to register

Registrations are processed in the order received. No spaces will be held without full payment. It is the responsibility of the student to appear in class on the correct day and hour without additional notice. Adults and/or your work may be photographed for use in PF/PCA promotional materials without express permission. When students are responsible for providing their own materials, a supply list will be sent by email.

  • Browse and Register Online (Click here to view online registration video tutorial)
  • By Mail. Return the completed registration form to: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts School, 1047 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
  • By Phone or Fax. Registrations with credit card payment only. Phone: 412-361-0455 (dial x324 after 5 pm) Fax: 412-362-4589
  • In Person. Register at our School weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Call for evening and weekend hours.

Payment Options 

  • Make checks or money orders payable to: Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (a $35 fee is charged for returned checks)
  • Enter your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express information on the registration form

Gift Certificates

Call us at 412-361-0455 or stop by in person to purchase a gift certificate!

  • Certificates can be purchased for use at the PCA School or PCA Shop but are not transferable between the two
  • Certificates have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Certificates are not valid for the purchase of accredited or full-semester courses or memberships
  • Certificates do not expire
  • Purchases made with certificates are subject to all PCA School policies and rules
  • No spot in any class is not guarenteed and is subject to current class registrations and student maximums
  • In the event that a class in cancelled, a refund will be issued in the form of a gift certificate
  • In the event that a student drops or transfers classes, a positive balance after relevant fees are deducted will be returned in the form it was received. PCA School does not carry any balance on an individual's account

Financial Aid 

A limited number of financial awards are available for students demonstrating financial need. Families who have never applied for an award must fill out an application and submit proof of income. Families who have previously submitted a current year proof of income need only submit the application. Proof of income must be updated every year, and you must notify us if your income has changed. 

Financial Aid Application Download

Online Financial Aid Application

Children's Open Studio

Accounts must have a credit card on file. A minimum of $10 will be charged per child per session for both Children’s and Family Open Studios. Accounts will be charged $5 for each additional half hour. Families with multiple children in Family Open Studios will be charged $5 per family for each additional half hour regardless of the number of children. A maximum of 3 children may accompany one adult. Accounts that are pre-registered for Children's, Family or Homeschool Open Studio will not be emailed a reminder through the Registration Office. 

Missed Classes & Makeup Sessions

PF/PCA is not responsible for missed classes. If a student is unable to attend a class period for any reason, PF/PCA is not responsible for providing makeup sessions or a refund.

Cancellations, Refunds & Missed Classes

Occasionally, classes are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. In such cases, the Registration Office will notify you approximately 72 hours before the class begins and the full class fee will be refunded, either by check or credit card, depending on your form of registration. PCA reserves the right to substitute instructors. PF/PCA is not responsible for missed classes. If a student is unable to attend a class period for any reason, PF/PCA is not responsible for providing make-up classes or refunds. A $25 charge applies to all withdrawals, regardless of when the withdrawal occurs. For all adult programs, no refunds will be granted for a withdrawal that occurs with less than three days before the start of a class or multi-session workshop. For all children's programs, no refunds will be granted for a withdrawal that occurs less than one week before the start of class, multi-session workshop or camp. Under no circumstances will tuition be transferred to another term. Membership fees, one-day workshops and pre-registration for Children's and Adult Open Studio are non-refundable. No cash refunds are available.


You will be charged a $15 transfer fee, plus or minus any difference in the cost of the classes. Transfers may only be made within the same term. Transfers must follow the corresponding cancellation policy for each program.

Late Registrations

Students may register for a class as long as the third session of that class has yet to begin. Later registrations need to be preapproved by the Teaching Artist and is dependent on whether space is available. Fees will not be prorated.

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists are maintained for full classes. Students must request that their names be placed on the waiting list, and will be contacted if space becomes available in the requested class. A student may not be transfered from a program that they are already registered for to enter a program that they have been waitlisted for.

Emergency Information and Authorization Form

Parents/Guardians are required to submit an Emergency Medical Form before their child begins a program at PCA. The information that you provide on this form will be used to ensure your child’s safe participation in all PCA programs. A new form does not need to be submitted if your child has participated in a class or camp within the past year, unless information has changed.

Emergency Medical Form Download
Online Emergency Medical Form


PF/PCA Center School communicates to clients primarily through email. Please make sure to update your email information if it changes and to include your email address when you create an online account. Occasionally our correspondence gets sent the SPAM folder. You will receive a reminder email from our Registrar 2-3 days prior to beginning of your registered program that will include information about the teaching artist, location and time along with relevant forms. Sign-up for the Education Newsletter for frequent email updates on programming.



Most classes take place at the PF/PCA Center School which is located at 1047 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15232. Some fiber, creative writing and discussion courses take place in the PF/PCA Center Galleries which is located at 6300 Fifth Avenue. The City of Pittsburgh maintains metered parking at our location from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Mon - Sat. Some media-based classes and all PF Full Semester courses take place at our Pittsburgh Filmmakers location at 477 Melwood Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213. Students can utilize street parking during the week and the lot across from PF on the weekends. 

Registration Office Hours

The Registration Office is normally open Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The office maintains evening and Saturday hours when educational programs are in session.

Building Closures and Emergencies

In the event of an unexpected closure or emergency, please check our homepage, our facebook page and KDKA for updates. Students will be emailed if a closure were to occur with more than twelve hours notice. If the decision for closure must be made with less than twelve hours notice, office staff will attempt to contact students by phone.

Student artwork and personal belongings

Personal belongings and artwork left behind at the conclusion of an educational program are collected and kept in the lost and found located in the Registration Office. PF/PCA Center School reserves the right to discard artwork and other personal belongings one week after the conclusion of a program. Due to kiln firing schedules, some clay artwork may not be ready for pick up until  after the a program ends. The Registration Office will contact students when work is ready for pick-up. Students in adult programs may not leave personal supplies or artwork in studio classrooms from week to week. Students registered for painting or drawing classes that take place in the 2D studio may leave artwork in the standing storage inbetween classes but must be cleared at the end of each semester.


Class Levels


Adult course are divided into levels so that students can enter as a novice and work his or her way through each level, learning new skills and enhancing knowledge in each content area. Students below the age of 18 are not allowed to attend adult classes. 


Age Ranges

PCA is dedicated to the best practices in arts education, including developing and implementing age-appropriate visual and media arts curriculum for our students. Each child, teen and family program is designed to meet the unique social and developmental needs of children in each age bracket. There are also different equipment use guidelines for each age group. Students will not be allowed to attend educational programs outside of his or her age.


PCA Staff is not allowed to dispense non-emergency medication to students. If a student is unable to administer his/her own non-emergency medication, a designated adult must come to PCA to dispense it. Emergency medication must be labeled with the student’s full name and given to the Instructor at sign-in. Emergency medication will be stored in the child’s classroom and taken on any field trips.

Special Needs

PCA is committed to providing an enjoyable art-making experience for all students and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming artistic community. Please share information about your child’s allergies or other special needs on the Emergency Information and Authorization Form. Parents or guardians are encouraged to contact the Children’s Program Manager to discuss any needs a student may have which would impact his/her participation in an educational program. Parents/guardians of students with behavioral or developmental issues should complete the Special Needs Form on the back of the Emergency Information and Authorization Form. This form must also be completed if a TSS will be accompanying the child to camp.

Photo Consent

Your child’s image may be photographed or reproduced on PF/PCA promotional materials. You can indicate whether you do or do not authorize the use of your child’s image on the Emergency Information and Authorization Form.

What should you bring & keep at home?

Unless specifically stated in your program’s description, all supplies are provided for child, teen and family programs. Students in studio arts camps often use messy materials; you may send your child with a labeled apron or smock to wear while engaged in art making. For a full-day camp, send your child with a non-perishable lunch and two snacks, labeled with first and last name. For a half-day camp, send your child with one snack. Do not send snacks with students who are attending classes or workshops. Please leave toys, MP3s and other valuables at home. Cell phones may be used in emergencies but must be kept on silent during camps. Please send your child to camp with a change of clothes (labeled with first and last name) if he or she is between the ages of 4 and 7.

Daily Schedule


Students may be signed-into CLASS at class start time but may be signed-into CAMP 15 minutes before camp start time. Students attending OPEN STUDIO may be signed-in anytime from 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Students many not be signed-in with less than one hour remaining. Parents who wish for their 11 - 14 year old child to sign him or herself out from class or camp must initial the Emergency Medical and Authorization Form. Students attending a high school program may sign themselves in and out without an adult. A parent or guardian must sign students aged 4 - 10 into the studio classroom, students may not sign him or herself in and may not be left unattended.

Lunch and Scheduled Breaks

Students attending a full-day CAMP will have a 30 minute lunch/recess period from 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM as well as breaks throughout the day. Please provide your child with a non-perishable lunch and drink labeled with first and last name. We suggest that campers also come prepared with additional snacks. OPEN STUDIO students may bring snacks and drinks but because all activities will take place in one space, we ask that you DO NOT PACK FOOD CONTAINING NUTS to protect children with acute allergies. Children attending CLASSES or short workshops should not bring food.


Students should be signed-out from his or her studio classroom. Students attending OPEN STUDIO may be signed-out anytime from 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM. Only individuals listed as a parent, guardian or authorized adult on the Emergency Medical and Authorization Form may sign students out and must come prepared with a photo ID. Parents who wish for their 11 - 14 year old child to sign him or herself out from class or camp must initial the Emergency Medical and Authorization Form. Students may not be left unattended. Accounts will be charged $20 for every 15 minutes that students are not yet signed-out following the end of scheduled sessions.

Children's Open Studio Agenda

Check the PCA Education page on Facebook or sign-up for the PF/PCA Snapshot newsletter for updates on the weekly agenda planned for Open Studio.