Ceramic Sculpture: Building Solid (Winter 2020)

8 Thursdays: Jan 16 - Mar 5

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Instructor: Kara Zupancic

Price: $270 members, $295 non-members

In this intermediate workshop, students will learn the process of handbuilding figurative sculptures with a specific form in mind, such as an animal or human. Students will analyze their form to distinguish volume and planes in order to create a realistic sculpture. Students will build their sculptures solid, or potentially use an armature, and then learn to identify how to cut apart the pieces to hollow out the form. Students will then re-assemble their form and finalize their pieces with handibuilding and texture techniques. The instructor will demo glaze and cold finishing options for students to complete their pieces, along with the use of post-firing glues, adhesive, and display possibilities. Tuition includes 25 lbs of clay, glazes and firings.