Contemporary Ballet

Originally conceived as a performance outlet for exquisite ballet dancers with healthy, athletic, but non-stereotypical ballet bodies, Bodiography Contemporary Ballet strives to bring the beauty of ballet to new dance audiences in Pittsburgh and beyond. Presenting Maria Caruso's multi-genre movement vocabulary and popular contemporary music, Bodiography places special focus on health issues, expressing our shared humanity through intriguing, entertaining, relevant, and inspiring dance with a strong foundation in classical ballet.


Bodiography's residency curriculum is based upon the Pennsylvania State Standards for the Arts and Humanities. Our programs are designed with a scope and sequence, which creates an environment where younger/less advanced students can learn side by side with more advanced and experienced students. All students, regardless of previous technical training, benefit from a standards-based curriculum which incorporates not only proficient technical dance training, but a true dance education which includes: production, history, criticism, and aesthetics. Our highly effective teachers are both fully knowledgeable in their content area as well as in pedagogical knowledge for the K-12 setting. Bodiography is able to enrich the typical public or private school program through the direct access with educators who are simultaneously performing artists themselves. Dance education is a kinesthetic art form that satisfies the human need to respond to life experiences through movement of the physical being.

Bodiography Contemporary Ballet Company, founded in 2000, hosts a home performance season in Pittsburgh including two annual shows at the Byham Theater showcasing Ms. Caruso's work in addition to collaborations in the community and beyond. The company also spends a portion of the season touring the country with Ms. Caruso's catalog of 75 full-length works.

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