Lindsay Huff


In his 1943 book, Liberal Education, Mark Van Doren wrote, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Whether these discoveries are large or small, any of them can be a spark--for an occasional hobby, for a lifelong passion, for an emotional outlet, for a glimmer of self-confidence. I hope that my residency projects can be sparks for the students in our communties.

As a metalsmith, I fuse art with science, ancient techniques with modern creativity, engineering with inspiration. 

Vitreous enameling, my favorite technique, allows me to combine the strength of copper with the vibrant color of glass, taking my ideas and transforming them from humble materials into heirloom jewelry, mosaics, or mobiles. 

My residencies are a tangible way for students to see science in action, to express themselves through experimentation and creation, and to connect with centuries of ancient craftsmen as well as modern day artists.

Contact Information:

huffalo (at) hotmail (dot) com

Neon Highway earrings , 2015, enamel, copper, sterling silver

Bobtown Elementary School, 2017-2018, aluminumc ans, nails, copper pipe, enameled copper discs, mural

Mt. Lebanon Library, 2018 (detail)

Urban Jungle, 2014, electroformed copper, vitreous enamel

Field trip students get a taste of metalsmithing in the PCA jewelry studio

Ambridge Middle School, 2018, aluminum cans, nails, pine board, 9x16' mural

Yeshiva Girls School, 2017, aluminum, copper, enamel, brass, nickel

Mt. Lebanon Library, 2018, enameled steel, patina'd copper, PVC pipe, 5-6' tall