Robert Howsare

Robert Howsare, disruptor
Robert Howsare, disruptor, installation detail
Friday, February 12, 2016 to Sunday, April 17, 2016


My investigation into the correlation between the printmaking process and human perception is informed by my interest in psychology and experience in commercial print studios. The moiré pattern simultaneously represents errors during the printmaking process, while also demonstrating the limitations of our perceptual systems. The inability of our eyes to process moiré patterns causes a discrepancy between actual and perceived vision, often producing the illusion of movement within a static image.

My collective body of work addresses failure, through the poetry of process, while reconfiguring the aesthetic hierarchy by creating and highlighting the subsequent glitches.

-Robert Howsare

About the artist:

Informed by a background in psychology and commercial printing, Robert Howsare to explore failure and the anomalies occurring within systems. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; selected venues include the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Austrian Cultural Forum of New York, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art and the International Print Center of New York. Howsare’s work has been recognized by WIRED Magazine, Abitare International Design Magazine, HOW, and other publications.

Robert Howsare is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College.