PCA Student Exhibit

Blocks of Socks by Tara Taylor (left), Rep Weave Rug in Cotton by Leslie Weinbaum (middle) and Jedo by Kayan Moussoba (right)
Blocks of Socks by Tara Taylor (left), Rep Weave Rug in Cotton by Leslie Weinbaum (middle), Jedo by Kayan Moussoba (right)
Friday, January 27, 2017 to Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The semi-annual PCA Student Exhibit features current work produced while attending one of the Center’s many classes. 

Students taking classes at the Center were invited to submit artwork in a diverse range of mediums and approaches. A committee of staff members selected 29 artists from 16 different classes. The 39 selected works showcase realistic and abstract paintings and highlight works in jewelry, ceramics, weaving and printmaking. Three teenagers were also chosen from the PCA School’s Annual Summer Art Camp Exhibit to present their works. Additionally, examples of the techniques and tools used to create these pieces will be on display alongside profiles of three teachers. To compliment the opening, exhibiting solo artist and PCA student, Phiris Kathryn Sickels will be giving a talk about her paintings at 6pm.  

"Art making and learning is an ongoing continuum. If you are an artist, you are always a student." - Laura Domencic, PCA Galleries Programs Manager.

Opening Reception
Friday Jan. 27, 5:30-9:00pm


Claire Ahearn
Debra Bober
Rachel Brown
Jenise Brown
Tricia Burmeister
Yuefang Chang
Allison Chelmu
Vicki Clark
Devin  DeVaughn
Allessia Fontecchi
Kate Gaglio


Donna Gates
Suzanne Gilbert
Julia Gorman
Maggie Hanlon
Lynn Jacques
Joseph Kent
Coralyn McCauley
Kayan Moussoba
Leslie Robbins
Ned Salopek
Karen Shablik

Rochelle Sherman
Kathy Sickels
Jhon Smith
Tara Taylor
Marjorie Thompson
Jack Trzeciak
John Valentich
Leslie Weinbaum
Isaias Zelkowicz
Kara Zupancic