Nicole Crock

Nicole Crock, Dream House, detail
Nicole Crock, Dream House, detail
Friday, February 12, 2016 to Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dream House

Having moved many times and only recently finding myself semi-settled, the ideas of home and community are very significant to me. Ignited by this interest in location and movement, I make art about domestic spaces, transition and the search for home. I tell the stories of place and transformation using both found and constructed materials, examining the elements of home, house and community through varied mediums including sculpture, installation, and performance.

This project reinterprets the idea of a dream house. A dream house can be something to aspire to or fantasize about, something to seek out and long for. What better form could our daydreams take shape in, than with something that we already use to exercise our imaginations: a cloud. 

-Nicole Crock

About the artist:

Nicole grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, living in the same house for most of her childhood. It wasn’t until she started school at Edinboro University that she began her reluctantly nomadic lifestyle.  She moved several times while attending, and then more than a few times in the years that followed graduation. Each new place was a new challenge, a chance to re-evaluate and make comparisons to her old home and community. This movement and tension is what influences her current art making. Having settled for the time being in Columbus, Ohio where she completed her MFA, she continues to make art about nostalgia, change, and her search for home.

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