National Student Juried Exhibition

Untitled by Andrew Castaneda
Friday, March 9, 2018 to Sunday, April 22, 2018

National Student Juried Exhibition presented by National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA)

Please join us Thursday, March 15 for the Jurors Choice Awards Ceremony from 6-9. 

The National Student Juried Exhibition is a highlight in the array of experiences that the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) makes possible each year. Selected from images of work submitted by higher education students enrolled in programs of ceramic art throughout the United States, this exhibition embodies the visions of next-generation creative inquiry through clay. Founded in 1966, NCECA is a nonprofit organization that fosters global education and appreciation for the ceramic arts—culture’s bridge to the past and future. Because clay connects us to the earth and one another, we believe that learning and working with this material touches lives and builds relationships like no other artistic practice. Through endeavors like the National Student Juried Exhibition, fellowships, and learner-centered programming, NCECA cultivates awareness of future makers and expands opportunities for artists. If you share our belief that ceramic art enriches every part of our lives, inciting curiosity, encouraging creativity and inspiring community, for more information please visit

Juror Statement: Martina Lantin

It has been an honor to select, in collaboration with Sam Harvey, the work for the National Student Juried Exhibition. As both a maker and an educator I am always curious to see what is being made in other schools and in other studios. The breadth of work selected for this year’s show demonstrates a diversity of approaches from the serious to playful, figurative to abstract, utilitarian to ephemeral. 

In selecting work for the show I considered that, through display, each piece would contribute to the story of the other. I was thinking about how the confluence of meanings and intentions can compose a larger view of our ceramic future. Technology is represented here alongside ancient construction techniques and both communicate a component of our present day experience. 

Clay, as one of the most ubiquitous materials and oldest of artifacts – will continue to remain relevant in all of its functional forms – utilitarian, symbolic, ritualistic and as abstraction. The malleability of this material ensures a never-ending depth of possibilities. I encourage each of you – those selected, and those who were not, to remain confident that you are a distinct voice that resonates within our field.

Juror Statement: Sam Harvey

The plurality of work submitted for NCECA’s 2018 National Student Juried Exhibition, was at once daunting, inspiring and uplifting. The artists’ submissions ran the gamut of subject matter, from the covertly political, to the deeply personal. It was an honor to select work that demonstrates earnest production, originality, play, innovation, humor, conviction and exploration of material, form, and content. For me, as an artist and gallerist, what the material continues to offer is its ability to capture mood, thought, sensation, and story with the gesture of the artist’s physical touch. Narratives can be expressed through bombastic use of scale and color, or through the recording of intimate touch captured when the clay was still soft and pliable. The range of work in this exhibition expresses the universal in the particular as an ongoing dialogue with precedents and questions to the future.

Participating in the jurying process was a revelatory experience. I would like to extend a thank you to my fellow juror, Martina Lantin and to all of the students that submitted work.


This exhibit features over 60 works by young artists who are exploring new potentials in and extending the boundaries of ceramics and sculpture.

Artists Featured:

Carolina Alamilla
Molly Allen
Tom Alward
Katayoun Amjadi
Alex Anderson
Marshall Argenta
Collyn Aubrey
Keith Becker-Lazore
Cody Bloom
Ariel Bowman
Matthew Branham
Emily Brownawell
Bethany Butler
Kimberly Canfield
Andrew Castaneda
Sara Catapano
Hoi Chang
Guo Cheng
Yen-Ting Chiu
Katriona Drijber
Lukas Easton
Elizabeth Edwards
Shauna Fahley
Ben Galaday
Ben Harle
Max Henderson
Kirsten Heteji
Rachel Hubbard
Kwan Jeong
Kari Kindelberger
Patrick Kingshill
Bradley Klem
Jessica Levey
Robert Lewis-Nash
Brandon Lipe
Jenna Livingston
Will McComb
Mel Mckinley
Kelly McLaughlin
Iva Milovanovic
Tanner Mothershead
Steven Osterlund
Clarissa Pezone
Hannah Pierce
Mallorie Roberts
Jessica Sanders
Carin Sankus
Kathryn Schroeder
Aliza Schweitzer
Joshua Scott
Jamin Shepherd
River Soma
Mitch Springer
Claire Thibodeau
Kayla Thompson
Kody Thompson
Meghan Tranauskas
Koen Vrij
Stephanie Wilhelm
Timmy Wolfe
Jessica Wolinski
Matthew Wright
Erik Zohn