Imin Yeh & Paul Mullins

All of the Sashimis by Imin Yeh
Friday, May 4, 2018 to Sunday, July 8, 2018

Here is Something You Might Like to Have, Imin Yeh & Paul Mullins

About Here is Something You Might Like to Have

Here is Something That You Might Like to Have, is an exhibition of collaborative works that is concerned with how we converse with our pasts, and examines the correlations between wanting, reminiscence, and gift giving. The exhibition marks the physical return to a region in close proximity to both artists’ original homes and a subsequent rummaging into memories and desires of each other’s earliest art activity.  Having seemingly disparate practices that are nevertheless mutually built on a bedrock of absorption with labor and the insistence upon repetitively making by hand, the included work seeks to apply hard work towards wistful aspirations – and to make real the objects of youthful wishes.

About Imin Yeh

Imin Yeh is an interdisciplinary and project-based artist working in sculpture, installation, and participatory events.  Her projects use Print Media as a technical tool for realizing the ambition of large-scaled work and Print as a conceptual  strategy for exploring free, exchange, and craft based economies. The projects utilize repetitive handcraft and mimicry as a strategy for examining the issues around the unseen labor and production that lies behind our many unconsidered everyday objects.  Recent exhibitions include the San Jose Museum of Art, Asian Art Museum (San Francisco), and at the Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco). Yeh is the recipient of a Eureka Fellowship from the Fleishhacker Foundation and an Individual Artist Grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission. Yeh has an MFA from California College for the Arts.  Imin Yeh is an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

About Paul Mullins

Paul Mullins repetitively generates drawing and painting that is concerned with class, place, memory and masculinity. His more recent works, derived from consideration of our changing (or unchanging) social positions, have been made through the hand drawing of a single magazine fragment at a time.From 2001-2016, he was full-time faculty at San Francisco State University, where he taught painting and drawing at all levels, and did all manner of department, college and university service. Mullins holds a BFA from Marshall University in Huntington, WV (1992) and MFA from Ohio University (1994).