Group A 'Works' Exhibition

Friday, November 13, 2015 to Sunday, January 17, 2016

As an association of artists, Group A provides exhibition opportunities for its member and fosters an active dialogue about visual art concepts and practices. Group A is a relatively small group, usually 50 to 80 artists, which allows for more interaction and communication between members. Because our group size is limited, it is by invitation only.

Consistent with Group A's mission, members were invited to submit artwork with a diverse range of mediums and approaches. The exhibition "Works" is the result. For nearly 75 years Group A has pushed its members to produce intelligent and thoughtful work. The juror, Todd Keyser, was asked to select pieces that would be a strong sampling of Group A artists, showing the depth, skill and concept of our members, with an emphasis on his/her personal vision. He responded by picking a relatively small number of artists whose submissions were particularly strong and cohesive. The juror noted that these artists works also related to one another, saying "What excited me the most was the formal and conceptual connections that these members where making in their individual works. It demonstrates that while many of these members may not necessarily communicate with each other directly regarding what they are working on in their studio, their particular works of art do".

Interestingly the "Works" selected are all non-representational in nature, harkening back to Group A's early days as "The Abstract Group".


The following artists are featured in Group A's "Works" Exhibition:

Susan Constanse, Scott Hunter, Kristen Letts Kovak, Akiko Kotani, RIse Nagin, Garick Tai-Lee, Scott Turri, Sharon Wilson Wilcox