Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh

Sandalphon by Delli Speers
Friday, August 11, 2017 to Sunday, October 29, 2017

Opening Reception                                                                                                                             Friday, August 11, 5:30-9:00pm

Closing Reception
Sunday, October 29, 1:00-4:00pm                                                                                                           Artists Talk and People's Choice Award Ceremony

The Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, Inc. is a nonprofit, member supported organization that promotes appreciation of fiber art and fosters its development and continuation. The Guild is pleased to present the member exhibition titled "Blue".

Consider blue. Is it a color, a state of mind, or does it represent a place and time in history for you? We live on a blue planet; blue represents national and political identity; it symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence and the heavens; blue is associated with harmony but also represents the human emotion of sadness and melancholy. How do you relate? Where is blue represented in your life?


Serving as Juror for this exhibit is Ruth Snyderman.

Ruth Snyderman, arts advocate, juror, speaker, collector, and community organizer, lives in Philadelphia. Snyderman was the founder of The Works Gallery in 1965, after 45 years it has merged with The Snyderman Gallery to form the Snyderman-Works Galleries in the old city neighborhood. Ruth has selected 40 artworks made by 36 fiber artists.

“I see the field growing in innovative techniques and materials…What we used to consider fiber was more limited to tapestries and quilts. Now you have very exciting quilts for the walls that can replace a painting in home décor.  Wood, metal, plastics, etc. are now incorporated in fiber art…I feel that the medium has made great leaps over the last ten years.”   -Ruth Snyderman


Selected Artists:

Atticus Adams
Hope Gelfand Alcorn
Mary Lou Alexander
Donna Bogosto Kearns
Michelle Browne
Heidi Card
Carolyn Carson
Eva Comacho
MJ Daines
Kirsten Ervin
Petra Fallaux
Frances Frederick


Rae Gold
Juliane Gorman
Henry Hallett                   Kristin Karsh
Patricia Kennedy-Zafred
Karen Krieger
Barbara Kubala
Sylvia Leo 
Penny Mateer
Patricia Milford
David Mooney                     Jan Myers -Newbury                    

Jane Ogren
Angela Pasquale
Dafna Rehavia
Brent Ruka
Coleen Rush                       Delli Speers
Laura Tabakman
Mary Towner
Jill Valenzuela
Fannie White
Dewi Wong
Charlotte Zalewsky