Elise Wells

Elise Wells, MANHOURS, installation detail
Elise Wells, MANHOURS, installation detail
Friday, February 12, 2016 to Sunday, April 17, 2016


Some hours spent are an act of resistance rather than a rite of domestication. We are inextricably linked to elements, animals, each other, and our genetic memories. The intimate, bodily terminology for these elements enforces our physical connection to them: a strip mine, a seam of coal, a vein of quartz.

When things are taken from and out of the earth they are paid for in hours, man-hours. The debt of hours is the only payment we can offer in exchange for the elements that we descend into the earth to withdraw: water, coal, metal.

The world is made of stories; this installation walks between the regions of duality - wild and domestic, male and female, harmful and helpful, immediate and remote - and unknown endings.

- Elise Wells

About the artist:

Elise Wells is an installation artist living and working in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Her work is comprised of life size drawing, painting, printing, photography and soft sculpture on paper, fabric and wood. She often works with charged materials that have had a discernable past life. Humans, animals, nature and ritual figure heavily in her work.