Dafna Rehavia

Dafna Rehavia, Stones, detail
Dafna Rehavia, Stones, detail
Friday, February 12, 2016 to Sunday, April 17, 2016

Footsteps in the Sand

Footsteps printed in the sand may leave you in silent wonder trying to compose a narrative or just leave you to be in the moment.

In this installation that is constructed from found and made objects, sculptural lines and forms, I touch existential questions relating to past and present, identity and experience. I inquire into the uncertainty of being. I am exploring what is left and absent, moving from the ground to the open space, and experiencing transformation. I am trying to capture the line or vein to explore the signs, marks, codes and symbols that may still be recognized for what they were before. Fragmentation and existential anxiety can be felt in the pieces that are tied and connected by string and metal. The minimal insinuative emptiness and presence expresses feelings that cannot be articulated.

As I go through identity transformations I recognize the marks my own experiences and traumas leave on and in me. The wish to let the narratives be memories reduced to a non-figurative suggestive sign or a cut, a wound, a void, a footprint, a word, a letter, a pain, and a blank. The installations become an idiosyncratic text that is open for interpretation.

-Dafna Rehavia

About the artist:

Dafna Rehavia is an Israeli-born, activist mixed media artist and art therapist who lives and works in Pittsburgh.  Her art deals with themes related to human existence such as survivalidentity and healing and their complex relationship to violence, women’s experience, migration, and culture. Her installations, assemblages and prints are combined with readymade objects and the use of various materials. By juxtaposing the objects and materials she creates dialogues between opposite forces and ideas, and raises further questions about human existence. Dafna was awarded at the Chelsea international fine arts competition 2015 and her work was exhibited at Agora Gallery, NY. Her works will be exhibited at the upcoming Fiber International of 2016. Her last solo exhibition Rituals and the Docile Body took place in CA gallery of Baltimore at 2015. Her art and academic works are published in various catalogs and journals.