Crossing Paths

Untitled by Kyle Houser
Friday, March 9, 2018 to Sunday, April 22, 2018

Crossing Paths

Exhibition Statement:

This Exhibition focuses on a small group of local and Regional potters who have created a working community that provides opportunity to each other and has many overlapping threads...the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts being a common theme.

Curators Statement: Kyle Houser

The exhibition Crossing Paths was conceived through my experiences in the last ten years as a ceramic artist traveling from gig to gig, teaching, managing studios, spending time in residencies, and participating in pottery tours and various exhibitions. The life of a working artist can be an all-consuming and stressful thing as we often try to balance the pursuit of our own personal work with creative ways to pay the bills and feed the family.

In so many ways the six other artists represented in this exhibition have made the last ten years possible for me. I have worked with each of these people in various ways from assisting in firing and finishing works to creating opportunities that were both financially and professionally beneficial. These ceramists also represent my ”go to” list for exceptional teaching artists who I feel confident about leading classes and workshops. In short, they have been there for me when I needed them, lending a hand and providing emotional support. They are my loose-knit ceramic community/immediate family to whom I am comfortable reaching out to at any time regardless of when we last communicated.

The exhibition’s strength lies in the diversity of the artists and the works featured. It showcases the unique community that we have built simply by “crossing paths” on the way to the next gig. Although each artist has his or her own distinct direction in their work, there is a commonality that links them together. That common thread is dedication, friendship and professionalism. I am privileged to be able to put this exhibition together with these artists during NCECA 2018.

Featured Artists:

Bryce Hemington        
Luke Doyle       
Kyle Houser      
Dan Kuhn    
Nancy Smeltzer    
Jenna Vanden Brink