Amy Schissel

New World Order by Amy Schissel
Friday, August 11, 2017 to Sunday, October 29, 2017


New World Order: OS

Increasingly as we go about our 21st Century lives, we try to bridge the gap between spaces we
see and navigate in the physical world and those we see and navigate in the online world. Taking
from the conception of augmented reality, every physical, geographical space is "interpenetrated"
with information, so all physical spaces already are now also informational spaces. Present
cartographical and architectural understandings of space are thus ever changing and being
adapted to accommodate consistently more data infused environments. In drawing that
subscribes both to traditional cartography and internet mapping to explore new dimensions of
our contemporary landscape, I look at specifically, how ‘location’, or the contemporary ability, via
the world wide web, to be everywhere and nowhere at once presents contradictions of identity in
geo-political relationships: interpretations of personal and collective history are reshaped by the
onset of digital information technology, offsetting our traditional sense of civic legibility. By
mapping out new social cartographies, I hypothetically chart overlays of information flows that
cut across cities, hover over continents, and seemingly negate the need of geographical location
for human interaction in an effort to reinsert a new sense of civic legibility.

Artist Statement:

As the 19th century gave us radical new ways to experience and move through space with the
plane, train, and automobile, my work addresses our present, even more radically different,
experience of space driven by the multifaceted virtual worlds of the internet’s network spaces.
My drawings, paintings, and installations are infused with information friction and subscribe to

modes of representation of new virtual spaces and special effects to build architectures of
fictional space. Notational devices drawn from digital architecture, interaction design, and digital
mapping schemata clash with exploding vectors, imploding pathways, and webs of connectivity.
A walk through of my exhibitions intend to bring a spacial and bodily awareness to the many
interfaces to the ‘CLOUD’s invisible networks, intersections and connectivity infusing the
everydayness of our environments connecting us across physical boundaries. I aim for the
viewer to experience layered cartographies melding disparate worlds, whose multifaceted
surfaces echo one’s intuitive movement and interaction in an ultra dynamic hyper-world.

Artist Talk: October 26, 6:00pm

About the Artist:

Amy Schissel is a Canadian Artist, currently based in Morgantown WV as Assistant Professor of Painting at West Virginia University. She obtained her MFA (2009) from the University of Ottawa and was awarded a 2016 Joan Mitchel Painting and Sculpture Award. In 2013 she received Ottawa Canada’s Royal Bank of Canada’s Emerging Artist Award. Recent national and international exhibitions include VOLTA Basel, Switzerland, VOLTA NY, NYC, West Virginia University Mesaros Gallery, Huntington Museum of Art, Florida State University Museum of Fine Art, University of Brussels Gallery, Belgium, Sjalso Studios, Sweden, Manifest Creative Research Centre, OH, Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON, and Patrick Mikhail Galleries in Montreal and Ottawa. Ms. Schissel has lectured across the country and internationally in Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Pittsburgh. Her work is collected worldwide.