30 : 2

Friday, April 19, 2013 to Sunday, August 18, 2013

30 : 2

An exhibit of 30 artists from the AAP membership by 2 curators

This survey style exhibit presents a small cross section of the 600+ members of a continually evolving 102 year-old Pittsburgh institution. Selected from the Associated Artist of Pittsburgh’s (AAP) digital member portfolio as well as from their online presence, 30 : 2 culminates as one possible distillation of the large breadth and complexity of the AAP’s diverse, talented and skilled membership.

The nature of how we chose to curate this exhibit and its subsequent formation is invariably tied to the altering affect of mediation, specifically, concerning how one is often introduced and informed about art. This goes for most things, but from a position of putting together an exhibition, it feels like it has become an inseparable presence tied to the artistic and curatorial process. Stacy and I had gone through countless images over the course of a few weeks starting from a compiled database to every artist who has posted work on the AAP web site, to personal artist sites and their press clippings, to make our selection of exhibiting artist. Similar to the process of jurying on a panel—where one would go through many slides or projected images—we came to agreement on a set number of artists who we felt exemplified a range of concepts, craftsmanship, ambition, sensitivity, darkness or humor—in essence a broad range of highlights from a mass of artworks. The convenience afforded by mediated images to see artist past and present works, in a variety of contexts, as well as the aesthetic in which the artists promote and communicate about their artwork further helped to solidify our choices. And although there are many artists who could have been represented in this final selection we felt that the artists we have chosen produced undeniably powerful and insightful artworks that best characterize the multilayered experience we sought to put together.

In this exhibition you will find many correlations between subject matter and styles as much as intrepid processes and material choices. For us, the positioning and juxtapositions of works offer relationships that go beyond the variety of styles and executions or material uses and approaches, promoting a heightened sense of another’s individual experience or choice of communication. We aimed to treat each work or series as non-hierarchical in design or discipline from another but rather as simply as a mode of expression, which best fits the formation of an artist’s conceptual conveyance within an ever-present system of intuitive and informed experiences. 

Artists: Crystala Armagost, Connie Cantor, Matthew Liam Conboy, Ron Copeland, William DeBernardi, Ron Donoughe, Tom Estlack, Claire Hardy, Jane Haskell, Adrienne Heinrich, Mia Tarduci Henry, Scott Hunter, Dana Ingham, Karen Kaighin, Paula Garrick Klein, Wade Kramm, Deanna Mance, Leslie G. Nutting, Meghan Olson, Joyce Werwie Perry, Judith Schumacher, Travis Schwab, Steven Sherrill, David Stanger, Anita Sulimanovic, Benjamin Thomas, Laurie Trok, Kristin Turcsanyi, Jack Weiss, Robert Villamagna

Curated by: Adam Welch, Stacy Weiss 

Special thanks to Juliana Morris, Executive Director of the AAP, for her hard work and insights to help make this exhibition possible.