Youth Intensives

New this year, PF/PCA’s two-week, immersive experiences for high schoolers will encourage young makers to explore their creativity and produce original work under the guidance of experienced artists. Students will learn new skills and techniques, create unique work and participate in critique sessions with peers and instructors, all while developing and strengthening their portfolios.

Youth Intensive Topics:
Changing Landscapes • Environmental Filmmaking
Girls Remake Horror

Work by Joe Noderer, Changing Landscapes instructor

Changing Landscapes Intensive - Weeks of June 18 & June 25

Explore the concept of “Changing Landscapes” through the traditional studio practices of painting, drawing and photography. Discover how artists throughout history have expressed humanity’s unique relationship to the environment. In this class, you will explore a variety of ideas and techniques under the guidance of an instructor who will help you create and strengthen your artistic portfolio. During this two-week intensive, you will create drawings from observation, photographs and “plein air” paintings. The final portion of this course will culminate with the creation of your own digital portfolio, which will include photographic documentation of the work you created in class as well as pre-existing artwork. Click here for more details.

Environmental Filmmaking

Environmental Filmmaking Intensive - Weeks of July 9 & July 16

Explore the concept of "changing landscapes" through filmmaking. You will learn the basics of making a short film, from writing through shooting to editing. Then you will work together as a crew, under the guidance of professional filmmakers from the Pittsburgh Filmmakers faculty, to create several short films that explore Pittsburgh's unique history and topography. Click here for more details.


Graphic by Abby Teibel

Girls Remake Horror Intensive - Weeks of July 23 & July 30

Traditionally, horror films are written and directed by and for men. In 2018, the 50th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead, this two-week intensive camp invites high schoolers who identify as female to reimagine the genre. Students will receive instruction in the history of horror cinema and in basic filmmaking techniques. Then, instructors who also work in the field as professional filmmakers and horror writers will guide students through the process of writing, shooting and editing a short horror film. The final product will be presented as part of Pittsburgh’s celebration of George Romero and Night of the Living Dead in October. Click here for more details.