Project Highlights

2017 - 2018

Riverview Junior/Senior High School

We are thrilled to be partnering with Riverview Junior/Senior High School in Oakmont as part of Art Sparks, a partnership between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Art Sparks aims to install a local, student-created piece of art in every Turnpike Service Plaza over the next five years. Resident Artist Laura Jean McLaughlin is working with students in Glenn Garrison’s art classes to create a ceramic mosaic mural to be installed at the Oakmont Plum Service Plaza. The school serves the boroughs of Oakmont and Verona.

The students collaboratively brainstormed about what regional history to depict in their mural, including Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania architecture, industry, sports, and people. See what local legends and landmarks you can spot in progress during Riverview’s Community Engagement Night, and visit the completed 9x17.5’ mural in mid-November!

Visit the first Art Sparks project the next time you're in Eastern Pennsylvania - a painted mural at the Lawn Service Plaza created by students at Lower Dauphin High School with Resident Artist Meg Davis in May 2017.

Thanks to PF/PCA's Molly Duerig for the Community Night photos!

Read more about the Residency Project in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

And watch this great video on Kidsburgh, hosted by KDKA's Kristine Sorensen!


Art Sparks


Avonworth October 2016 Newsletter

Avonworth December 2016 Newsletter

2016 - 2017

Avonworth Elementary School

This fall marks the beginning of a Teacher Artist Partnership between Resident Artist Alison Zapata, and Avonworth Elementary third grade teachers Mrs. Becky Kolesar and Mrs. Julia Udovich. The sixty day Long Term Residency will cover five units of study while integrating arts with science, math, language arts, and social studies for a truly interdisciplinary, STEAM experience.

The 3rd grade students will learn about local Pennsylvania environments and pollinators, cultural diversity and holiday celebrations, rocks and mineral, and the planets and solar system while reinforcing Avonworth School District's focus on Human Centered Design, 21st Century Skills, and Common Core Standards.

Over the course of the TAP Project, Ms. Zapata will be joined in the classroom by six other Visitings Artists, who were chosen for their familiarity with their artform's intersections with science, technology, engineering, and math. The students will also experience field trips to our PCA's Marshall Galleries and to the Carnegie Museum's Hillman Hall of Gems & Minerals.

Read the October (top) and December (bottom) editions of TAP Art News (PDFs) to learn more about this amazing and ongoing Long Term Residency Project! 

Ringgold High School

This fall in Washington County, Resident Artist Laura Jean McLaughlin worked with thirty students in Mrs. Theresa Campa’s ceramics classes at Ringgold High School to create a fifteen-foot long mosaic mural. Students brainstormed and sketched designs that would represent student life and local history, then worked to cut mirror and stained glass pieces that were glued onto cement board panels. At the end of the twenty-day Residency Project, the students finished by applying grout between the mosaic tiles. The fifteen-foot mosaic mural will be installed in the board meeting room of the Roosevelt Administration Building.

Read more about the Residency Project in the Uniontown Harold Standard.


Ringgold mosaic


Ringgold mosaic

Tina Brewer at Linden


Tina Brewer at Linden

PPS Linden K-5

Resident Artist Tina Williams Brewer and PPS Linden art teacher Mrs. Deborah Lieberman have been partnering for fifteen years to bring the magic of quilting and story telling into the classroom and 2016 was no exception to their incredible collaboration.

Ms. Brewer worked with 2nd and 5th graders to explore cultural commonalities and personal histories through the use of fabric and symbolism. Quilted artworks taking a myriad of forms are installed throughout the school building.

We are honored that Ms. Brewer and Mrs. Lieberman will be sharing more about their projects and process in an upcoming Teaching Artist workshop in 2017!


West Greene Elementary Center

Meanwhile in Greene County, the fourth graders of West Greene Elementary Center worked with art teacher Mrs. Adrienne Day and Resident Artist Lindsay Huff to create a hanging curtain of metal charms that was installed in the entryway of the Elementary Center.

Students learned about properties of different metals including copper, brass, aluminum, and steel and manipulated pieces of each using pliers, hammers, anvils, shears, and letter stamps. The fourth graders also applied color with vitreous enamel and got to observe the mini-kiln in action during the 1500°F fusing process.

Creative writing had a role in the process as well as students brainstormed words to represent something important to them in the present and something they hoped for the future. By stamping their words into the metal pieces, the fourth grade created a group list poem that will serve as a monument to their grit, their collaboration, and their hopes and dreams.


West Greene Lindsay Huff installation

West Greene Lindsay Huff installation


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Artist Residency Projects can be accomplished in schools and community organizations from preschool age to elderly populations. Matching funds are available for qualifying organizations. Find out more by clicking here.