Contemporary Painting Concepts

8 Wednesdays: April 5 - May 24

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Crystal Latimer

Price: $235 members, $260 non-members

Expand your practice of traditional painting methods to include materials like spray paint, metallic gilding, and diverse painting supports to experiment with surface and solvency. Incorporate various markmaking processes like printmaking and collage to build layers and create richness within your artwork. Become inspired by contemporary artists who work in multimedia and work along Crystal Latimer who will share insight into her artistic process. Some materials included. 

-*Acrylic paint / Oil paint, if preferred -*paint brushes, variety of sizes and styles -3M 357 Bondo Spreader, 3 Pack (available at Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart) -Stretched canvas, any size greater than 12” x 12” (if possible, stretch your own canvas and leave it raw. If not a pregessoed canvas will do as well such as Fredrix Pro Series 12 oz Dixie 1-3/8” Profile 30” x 40”) -Cradled Painting Panel (ex. Apollon Elephant Painting Panel, Deep, 24” x 30”) -Paper suitable for paint/mixed media/wet media. 3 suggestions would be: - Stonehenge 100% Rag Drawing Paper - Arches Watercolor Paper 25” x 40” - YUPO Paper, Sheet Bright White 74lb-144lb*suggested -vellum/tracing paper (such as Borden & Riley #51H Parchment Tracing Pad) - graphite pencil -acrylic medium (such as Golden OPEN Acrylic Mediums, gloss or matte) -3M Sandpaper (variety of coarse levels, or hand sander if already own) -materials to collage (paper bag, handmade papers, fine art papers, magazine, etc..) - Glue Stick (Ex: Uhu or 3M) *student choice of brand and color. Optional: - Small 8x 10 Screen-printing screen (if you’d like to keep your silkscreen design for future use) Liquitex Spray Paint in color of choice. Ex: Quinacridone Crimson, 400ml and Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), 400ml -Liquitex Skinny spray paint nozzles, set of 6 -Martha Stewart metallic gilding (gold, silver, or copper, can be bought at Michaels)