PCA&M Youth Media

Media Arts

At PCA&M Youth Media, we endeavor to provide top-notch media education to young people in the form of hands-on classes and workshops in photography, video and film production, animation, and web and graphic design. Our instructors are working artists with direct experience in their respective fields, and deep knowledge of their chosen medium.

From a photography series focusing on nature's intricacies, to short documentaries about the positive power of hip-hop music, projects completed by our students are thoughtful, well-executed, and socially-conscious expressions of artistic thought. Calling upon our collective years of experience working as media artists, we teach students the importance of media literacy in a world increasingly saturated with digital tools and content.


The nature of our work mandates that students spend a lot of time thinking about what they want to express and then, how to best express it. The excitement young people experience when they see a completed movie of their own is contagious and it's what inspires us to do the work we do.

Through lectures, viewing sessions, and hands-on coaching and practice, students will learn what makes a good film, photograph, animation or video game, and how to harness the power of media to tell a story. The element of critique is important to the successful completion of any media project as it encourages students to work mindfully, within a set of parameters, and with the awareness that their work will eventually be viewed and discussed. This practice encourages critical thinking as well as creativity.

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